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Hammer Mill

    supplyability: 10 Set/Sets per

    Weekprice: 5,000 - 105,000

    Port: Qingdao,Tianjin, Shanghai or others

    Type: Hammer mill crusher

    Application: Coal, Salt, plaster stone

Hammer Mill

Hammer mill, which is also called hammer crusher or hammering machine,is mainly used for crushing all kinds of materials with medium hardness and weak corrosive property. The compression strength of the materials to be crushed by hammer mill should not exceed 100MPa and the water content should be lower than 15% and the materials suitable to be processed by hammer mill include coal, salt, chalk, gypsum, brick and limestone. In addition, hammer crusher is also suitable for crushing fiber structure, broken wood with strong elasticity and tenacity, paper and the waste materials of asbestos cement to recycle asbestos fiber.

The hammer crusher or heavy hammer crusher machine can be divided into single rotor and double rotors. The working principle is to use the hammer to break the materials. The process is as follows: the qualified materials get into the heavy hammer crusher machine, immediately crushed by high-speed rotating hammer. The crushed materials are crushed to the impact liner with kinetic energy, and be smashed again. The qualified material is discharged through the gas crack of the heavy hammer crusher machine.

hammer crusher


Hammering machine has such features as compact structure, reasonable structure, convenient installation and maintenance and simple and easy operation, and it has high adaptability to cement production process and can save arrangement space.

Hammer Mill

Working Principle:

The materials are fed into the machine from the upper feeding mouth and are crushed under the hitting, impacting, cutting and grinding of the hammer which is moving with high speed. On the bottom of the rotor, there is sieve plate and the crushed materials that is smaller than the screen size are discharged from the sieve plate, and the coarse particles bigger than the screen size are retained on the sieve plate to be hit and ground again by the hammer and finally be discharged from the machine from the sieve plate.

Recommended Solutions to Short Life of Rotor Bearing of Hammer Crusher

1. Choose rational tolerance combination

fter analysis, the technicians of Hongxing Machinery find that the improper tolerance combination for the matching part of the bearing inner race and the journal will cause damage to the bearing rotor. To maintain the proper combination of the bearing inner race and the journal on the condition of high temperature condition, it is advisable to choose P6 or R6 for the combination of the journal and the inner race, and the combination of outer ring and bearing pedestal should adopt F8 or E8.

2. Strength the sealing and lubrication

imely and correct lubrication can greatly reduce the frictional resistance and restrain the temperature rise of the bearings. Regarding the working feature of high speed and heavy load of the rotor bearings, it is advisable to choose molybdenum disulfide complex calcium lubricating grease to lubricate the bearings. In addition, add lubricating grease every eight working hours, and change the lubricating grease every three months. Clean the bearings and sealing ring and cap with gasoline or kerosene and timely change the labyrinth sealed cap with excessive abrasion gap on the bearing pedestal.

3. Improve the stress condition of the bearings

dd rubber plates with proper thickness between the bearing pedestal and the bearing frame to improve the bearing flexibility of the bearings and reduce the impact load on the bearings. The addition of rubber plates increases the flexibility, which absorbs part vibration energy and improves the stress condition of the bearings, thus extending the service life of the rotor bearings.

4. Maintain balanced rotor when assembling

he manufacturer should carry out balance text on the rotor to reach the requirement of the stipulated regulation and prevent the rotor from producing imbalanced centrifugal force due to the casting deviation of the rotor and the mass deviation after the installation of the hammers to make the machine produce forced vibration, which may damage the bearings and other spare parts. For this reason, it is necessary to maintain the balanced rotor when assembling.

Hammer crusher is a kind of mining machinery with large discharge particles. Hammer crusher machine is suitable for crushing various materials, such as coal, salt, gypsum, ores, etc. Heavy hammer crusher machine has compact and decent structure, flexible operation, easy to wear and tear, so it occupies an important position in mining mineral processing industry.

Hammer Crusher

Parameters type

Specification Capacity(m³/h)
Motor Power
PCΦ400×300 5-10 4P 11KW
PCΦ600×400 10-22 4P 22KW
PCΦ800×600 18-40 6P 55KW
PCΦ1000×800 25-50 8P 75KW
PCΦ1000×1000 30-55 8P 90KW
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