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Dust Catcher

    supplyability: 120 Set/Sets per Yearprice: 5,000 - 28,000

    Port: ShangHai Port, China

    Type: Fabric Dust Collector

    Application: dust, mill, ore, etc.

Dust Catcher

Dust catcher also can be called dust collector,is a new type of the dust screening equipment, and its working principle is:

Dust Catcher

1. The powder gas is introduced from the mill gas outlet to the bottom of the classifier, the gas along the wind pipe rises to the upper exit, it is collected by the semolina on the collection cone (within the cone), diverging along the four directions to enter by the cone and shell body cavity and continuing to rise. When gas rose to the top, through the dust collector upper into it, and then materials meet the scattering material of trays, material is dispersed by the air flow, and first sorted (primary powder).

2. After the rougher powder, most of the particles with the gas is guided blade import vortex stars constituency, the rest of the coarse particles is decreased due to the effect of gravity to the spout. particles into the eddy current separation is driven by the whirling airflow generated by the high speed rotation of the turbine blades, is further dispersed and obtained a certain degree of centrifugal force, while the particles may also be the role of the gas drag force, the centrifugal force is less than the gas drag force, the particles within the eddy zone of the turbine blade, then into the cyclone, finished products fell into the set of dust-collecting box.

3. If the centrifugal force of the particles is greater than the gas drag force, the particles are re-taken to the dispersing zone, the collection cone, and due to the action of gravity down landing to coarse particles and the particles fall into the cone bottom, and it is scoured by the bottom air, making the fine powder separate from the surface of the particles with the air into the eddy zone, and into the cyclone collection. Coarse particles divide three columns from the inner cone, inflowing the lower discharge port of the selected powder machine, and again into the mill.

Parameters type

Model filtering area
fan model The fan motor Number of filter bag model of matched
german raymond
DMC24 18 1080~2160 4-72-3.2A Y90L-2-1.5kw 24     
DMC36 27 1620~3240 4-72-3.6A Y100L-2-3kw 36  HGM88 HGM95  
DMC48 36 2160~4320 4-68-4A Y112M-2-4kw 48  HGM100  
DMC64 48 2880~5760 4-68-4A Y112M-2-4kw 64  HGM130 HGM120  
DMC80 60 3600~7200 4-72-4A Y132S1-2-5.5kw  80    
DMC96 72 4320~8640 4-72-4.5A Y132S2-2-7.5kw  96 HGM60 HGM175  
DMC112 84 5040~10800 4-72-4.5A Y132S2-2-7.5kw  112  HGM190  
DMC128 96 5760~11520 4-72-4.5A Y132S2-2-7.5kw  128   Selecting Based on Air Volume.
More Dust, Lower Filter Wind Speed.
8640~14400 4-72-5A Y160M2-2-15kw  128  
DMC150 112.5 6750~13500 4-72-5A Y160M2-2-15kw  150  
10000~20000 4-68-6.3C Y180M-2-22kw  150  
DMC180 135 12000~24000 4-72-8C Y200L-2-30kw  180   Multipe Dust Collection & Location Timing.
A Settling Room is a Must.
DMC220 165 15000~34000 7-72-8C Y200L-2-37kw  220  
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