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We Supply Various High Efficiency Crushing Plants

Our company is a manufacturer of high efficiency crushing machines in China, and can design and provide the complete crushing plants such as concrete crushing plant, coal crushing plant, aggregate crushing plant, ore crushing plant etc.

In the concrete crushing plant, we will choose the suitable concrete crushers for your concrete crushing according to your requirements and character of rocks. In the crushing plant, stones are crushed into suitable size. Raw material is loaded at the blasting face into trucks for transportation to the crushing plant.

The whole process is as follows:

1.Stone enters into jaw crusher for primary crushing, then into impact crusher for secondary crushing.

2.The stones enter into the cone crusher for fine crushing, and then through screening machine, the suitable stones are screened out.

3.While the unsuitable stones return to the crushing plant for re-crushing.

4.Through a series of crushers, the limestone is reduced to a size less than 100 mm and stored until required.

Concrete is effectively an artificial stone or rock. Its primary properties are that is workable before hardening, strong in compression and stays strong for extremely long timescales. Concrete is a strong hard building material composed of sand and gravel and cement and water. It is used for making buildings, roads, bridges, vessels pipes etc. As the concrete formulations develop concrete is increasing its range of applications such that it is making inroads into those presently monopolized by metals.

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