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The Working Principle and Advantages of Jaw Crusher

Jaw crusher, composed of a moving jaw and a static one, completes material crushing operation by simulating animal jaws movement. This crusher is widely used in mining smelting, building material, highway, railway, water conservancy, chemical industry and so on, to crush various kinds of ores and chunks of materials.

Jaw crusher

What is the working principle of jaw crusher? The working part of jaw crusher is two jaw plates, of which one is fixed vertically on the front wall of the crusher body , and the other is a movable jaw, tilted. Together with the fixed jaw, the movable one forms a crushing chamber with a big upper part and a small lower part. Moving back and forth periodically, the movable jaw sometimes separates from the fixed jaw, sometimes approaches. When the two jaws separate, the material enters the crushing chamber and the finished products are unloaded from the lower discharging opening; when they approach, material between the two jaws is broken by squeezing , bending and splitting.


1. The previous problems of high operation rate and zero maintenance time, caused by low production of limestone crusher, are solved efficiently.

2. It can break chunks of limestone.

3.The substantial increase in the amount of desulfurized limestone, effectively reduces the cost of raw materials.

4. The power consumption has declined.

5.The granularity of waste product is small, which effectively solves the problems of frequent downpipe blockage and even mill production decline.

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