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The Incredible Innovative Separation and Processing Systems

The innovative solutions offered by our company play a key role in the state-of-the-art processing of raw materials around the world. With its innovative separation and processing systems, we have operated successfully in the market for more than 20 years, making it the ideal partner for the separation and processing of coal, ore, slag, gravel and sand, as well as for recycling. Our head quarter is located in Zhengzhou of the Central China. Today there are more and more plants in operation around the world, reliably and efficiently applying both dry and wet methods.

ore beneficiation

The ore beneficiation machine sorts primary and secondary raw materials and waste products based on differential densities over a large spectrum of grain sizes. The new series is capable of processing grain sizes of up to 100mm without bucket elevators. With throughput rates of between 5t/h and 500t/h, they are used effectively for wet processing coal and ores as well as gravel and sand.

The separation process makes intelligent use of the laws of physics. Our separating machines fluidized bed separator combines high throughputs as well as high efficiency levels while cleaning, upgrading, thickening and blending within one single machine. The technology is used for producing high-quality concrete sand, coal and ore. Our magnetic separator is used mainly for separating the finest grains based on their magnetic properties, as in finely ores. The machine separates paramagnetic and low magnetic minerals of up to 3mm grain size in a wet separation process.

Whatever your requirements, we apply the same principle to all of our customers by offering solutions that are based on their individual demands, the market situation and the quality of the raw materials.

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