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Sand Washers Perform Well in the Modern Processing Industry

Today, China is stepping into a new development transformation period that will realize the integrated development of many industries, including the sand washer manufacturing industry. The sand washer manufactured by our company has wide range of applications in the industries of mining, gravel field, building material, transportation, chemical engineering, water conservancy and hydropower and concrete mixing plant.

sand washer

Factors like raw materials, steels market, and quality and price of functional components of sand washing machines are all having effect on the quality of sand washers. However, the main factor that influences the development of sand washing industry is the social demand of river sand, sea sand and artificial sand. As the supplier of building raw materials, the quantity and quality of the sand products are both affected by the development of construction industry.

The sand washer can be used in the following three conditions:

1. In order to tell the good minerals and bad minerals influenced by the sludge on the surface of the minerals and decrease the effect and efficiency of beneficiation, the sand washer is needed.

2. When there are bulk barren rocks mixing among the minerals, the sand washer will be needed for the de-sliming process of the fine grains.

3. When the silt content of the sand and stones is too much, the blocking problem will happen to the crusher, screen and the opening of the ore storage bin, which will result in the production stagnancy. In this situation, we can use sand washers to solve this problem.

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