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What Are the Reasons of Rotary Kilns’ Corrosion Phenomena?

In the cement production line, we find that there often occurs the corrosion phenomenon inside the kiln wall of the rotary kiln. By analyzing the composition of the corrosion parts, it's easy for us to find out the main reasons that cause the corrosion phenomena of the rotary kiln.

rotary kilns

1. The high temperature oxidation results in the kiln's inner wall getting corroded. In general, the material of the rotary kiln is common steel which has the weak ability of bearing high temperature. When the temperature reaches 200-300℃, there will occur a visible protective oxide thin film on the kiln's inner wall. This kind of oxide film has a loose structure and can't prevent the further oxidation of the steel.

2. There also exists the high temperature sulphur corrosion. Different from the oxidation corrosion, this phenomenon is going under the metal skin of the rotary kiln. When the temperature reaches 600-950℃, the corrosive media will cause the high temperature sulphur corrosion result under the metal skin which consists of non-oxide metal elements.

3. The third reason that causes the inner wall's corrosion is the high temperature chlorination effect. In high temperature condition, the chlorine element and the chloride will corrode the steel materials intensively.

Apart from the above mentioned reasons, there are still many other factors that will lead to the corrosion phenomena of the rotary kiln's inner wall. It's tough work for us to handle well about the corrosion prevention issue. With quite a complex structure inside, the rotary kiln should be operated well and inspected carefully before and during the application process.

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