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Solutions to High Energy Consumption Problem of Roller Crusher

The constant exploitation of the domestic natural resources has caused many minerals to decrease by a large quantity such as the ferrous and non-ferrous metals and materials used in the chemical engineering and light industry. The domestic demand for the construction materials used for the highway, railway, bridge and dam construction is increasing continuously and quickly, but the material supply doesn't match the requirement. Therefore, it's very urgent for the whole mining machinery industry to come up with innovative revolution to the material processing.

roller crusher

Among so many processing steps, the crushing step is undoubtedly the most significant one which is also the first step to handle raw materials. Here our experts will show you how to improve the roller crusher's High energy consumption problem. The roller crusher has the same importance as the jaw crusher and impact crusher. It has more complicated structures and more advanced technology.

In order to reduce the energy consumption of the roller crusher as much as possible, many foreign designers and manufacturers will consider improving and optimizing the machine's structure, working track and the crushing cavity. For example, the current roller crusher mainly adopts the common deep cavity and small biting angle design in order to increase the crushing ratio and reduce the abrasion.

The crushing machines consume about 50% or more of the total power consumption in the ore beneficiation plant. Facing such serious energy consumption problem, the Chinese mining machinery enterprises start to do research and development on the performance and properties of the roller crusher. We stick to the green technology concept and combine the environment protection requirement with the traditional manufacturing process so that we are sure to offer effective solutions to the roller crusher's high energy consumption problem.

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