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How to Maintain Jaw Plates of the Mobile Jaw Crusher

The mobile jaw crusher made by our company is one of the most popular devices with the largest sales volume and the highest production efficiency in both the stone crushing production line and the sand making production line.

The jaw plates of the mobile jaw crusher usually hits the materials directly, so it's very easy for the jaw plate to be worn and the service life will also become as short as 1-3 months. In some cases, the jaw plates need to be replaced in 1-2 weeks. Therefore, users should learn more about the maintenance and repairing methods of the jaw plates and try the best to lengthen their working life as well as reduce the investment cost.

mobile jaw crusher

Our experts will teach customers about how to maintain jaw plates of the mobile jaw crusher: when we are about to weld, we need to polish the surface of the welding part by 2-3mm; we should avoid the heating problem and keep hammering to eliminate the inner stress; the bead weld process should be operated very fast with small lateral oscillation; we'd better adopt the minor diameter welding rod and the low welding current; the cooling speed must be high and we need to put the high manganese steel castings into water only with the bead weld part on the water surface for later welding. If necessary, we should also do heat treatment with quenching technology.

Based on our tips on how to maintain jaw plates of the mobile jaw crusher, customers will surely make more profit in the production.

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