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How to Make Hammer Crushers Work for Long

The hammer crusher is one of the most popular crushing machines as fast consumables. Moreover, the hammerhead of the hammer crusher is the main component that is usually worn out, so the quality of the hammerhead has direct influence on the crushing efficiency of the crushers.

When the hammerhead of the crusher is working, it is crashed by the materials. The working surface of the hammerhead will be damaged with the shape being changed. Most hammerheads of hammer crushers are made of high manganese steel with poor abrasion and wear resistance and short service life, so they need to be replaced frequently.

hammer crusher

How many factors are there influencing the service life of the hammerhead? And how can we make the hammer crusher work for a longer time?

First, the structure design and the shape of the hammerhead will affect the mechanical property and inner metallographic structure after being heat treated. Therefore, in the process of producing hammerheads, we need reasonable casting and heating technology.

Second, the technical parameters of the hammer crusher will also influence the service life of the hammerhead, mainly having affect on the power sum and rotate speed of the rotor. They not only have something to do with the production capacity of the crushers, but also influence the impacting hardness of the hammerhead.

Last, when the material blocks are with high hardness, there will be higher level requirement for the hammerhead materials. For different crushers, we should select proper feeding particle size so that to some extent, we can guarantee the working life of the hammerhead.

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