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How Many Types are there for Gravity Separation?

The gravity separation, also named gravity concentration or gravity dressing, has got many types of technological processes according to different working principles and operational devices: grading, ore washing, jigging, table shaking, chute dressing, dense medium dressing etc.

In general, the first two processes including the grading and ore washing are performed according to minerals' particle size and they regarded as the preparation for the real gravity separation; while the later four processes are performed based on minerals' density and they are the core part for the gravity dressing.

Grading: it works as the preparing stage aiming to control the product particle size, desliming and dehydration.

Ore washing: also as the preparation stage for gravity dressing; when mineral mud exceeds -200mesh, the ore washing process is necessary.

Jigging: it is used to separate coarse mineral grains and the feed size can reach 20mm when handling metal ores.

Shaking table separation: it is regarded as the most successful method of separating fine mineral grains in the gravity concentration production line. The feed size ranges from 3-0.037mm.

Chute dressing: it is quite a simple separating method for the gravity dressing process. The ore sand chute is applied mainly to separate dense minerals like gold, platinum and tin etc.

Dense medium dressing: it can realize the improvement of handling capacity by removing a large number of gangues before the normal separation.

From the above introduction, users may be more familiar with the specific types of the gravity concentration production line. If you are interested in our gravity separator or other machines, please go and visit the homepage of our official website.

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