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High Performance Cone Crushers Win Much Praise from Users

Cone crushers made by Hongxing was developed to achieve a high crushing ratio and throughput capacity within a newly designed crushing chamber in which the density of the feed material is increased from inlet to the outlet and the material is crushed under high pressure.

High Efficient Cone Crusher

Our high performance crusher has a curved crushing chamber. The bisector line of the crushing chamber is vertical at the inlet of the crushing chamber and slants gradually from inlet to outlet. Feed material in the upper part of the crushing chamber gravitates downwards increasing not only throughput but also set-under.

The upper part of the crushing members contain a grooved design which enables even wear from inlet to outlet and crusher performance can be maintained as inlet width is kept identical.

The crusher is designed so that the crusher body can stand a continuous heavy load to

Our high performance cone crushers are quite easy for users to operate and maintain. Customers need to follow several tips.

Adjustment of gap setting – the crusher gap setting can be easily adjusted on the machine or remotely from the control centre.

Display of operating condition – the crusher is equipped with a gap setting indicator, a crushing members wear rate indicator and a hydraulic pressure indicator as standard.

Easy replacement of crushing members – a special torch ring makes it possible to replace crushing members in a short time.

Easy internal inspection – the inside of the crusher can be easily viewed from outside via the large inspection windows provided.

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