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The Low End Product Industry Has Met Serious Challenges

Since the natural resources are renewable, to save resources as much as possible means much to the mining machinery industry. The lack of natural resources brings a big challenge to most mining machinery manufacturers. The mining machinery industry belongs to capital intensive and technology intensive heavy industry and the technical innovation will play a key role for the industrial development.

As China remains in the basic construction stage on a large scale, the market demand for the mineral resources is increasing rapidly which encourages many enterprises to focus on the mineral investment. There are too many small scale mines all over the country which only care about making profits in no time through little investment and lagging technology. These mining machinery products enter the market quickly one after another with their defects of high energy consumption and much environment pollution and they can only occupy the market by very low price.

In fact, the industrial globalization has become the mainstream for most mining machinery companies to follow. After constant joint and reorganization, these mining machinery enterprises increase the investment for the industrial transformation and they transport most low value mechanical products to the potential market in the developing countries all over the world which leads to the formation of the world factory.

In modern times, the high end mining machinery market is occupied by most European and American companies because they have the advantages of world class technology and high product quality. Although China lies in the weak position in the world market, it's possible for us to face the challenges in front of us and make changes to increase the competitiveness of the domestic mining machinery.

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