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How to Improve the Efficiency of Rotary Kiln?

Specific measures for improving the efficiency of rotary kiln are as follows:

1. To strengthen the ventilation of inside kiln

Increase the strength to seal kiln tail and pre-heater to stop the air leakage rate of the pre-heater system, reduce the air leakage rate of the system, improving ventilation conditions inside the kiln.

2. To improve the equipment operation rate
Strengthen the planned overhaul and improve the quality of maintenance so that the equipment after being maintained can be put into production in the shortest period of time, so as to improve the operation rate of equipment.

3. To reduce the fluctuation of raw material chemical composition

Maintain a strict standard since purchasing raw material, so the unqualified raw material won't be used in the production process; partition to pile up raw materials. Enhance the effect of heaping and taking the material, reduce segregation of materials and improve the pre-homogenization effect of raw materials. At the same time, cement kiln dust can't be put in homogenization, instead of mixing in the grinded cement.

4. To stabilize feeding quantity

In order to stabilize feeding quantity, operators should periodically check and station the work condition of flow-meter, timely correct its measurement accuracy, ensure the volume of raw materials in raw measuring positions, to stabilize the volume of raw material.

5. To stabilize the raw coal content and chemical composition

Maintain a strict standard since purchasing raw coal, so that unqualified raw coal won't be used in the production process; partition to pile up coal in the coal yard, prevent the blending occurrence of different kinds of coal, so as to ensure the quality of pulverized coal in kiln.

6. To reduce the cycle of harmful ingredients in the kiln

When the original hazardous components in the fuel is high, operators should take prompt measures to clean up, to make the kiln ventilation system smooth, thereby reducing the skinning of kiln tail and pre-heater, and ringing of inside kiln.

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