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The Upgrading of Mechanical Equipment Industrial Structure

Influenced by the market mechanism, all mining machinery companies start to speed up the pace to upgrade the industrial structure and make technological innovation, aiming to exploit the new market through new products and new technologies, to increase the economic growth and improve the industrial developing status.

The domestic mechanical equipment enterprises have done enough research and development for years and have designed and made the new generation of high-end machines with the features of localization, self-sufficiency and innovation. Moreover, there are many Chinese middle and small sized enterprises merging with each other and large companies cooperating with each other, which promote the automation, information and intelligence of the machinery industry.

However, there are a lot of obstacles in front of the domestic industrial enterprises, though the development environment for the mechanical equipment industry is quite steady. According to the industrial experts, the main problems for the domestic machinery companies are the difficulty of the export growth, the capital pressure and the increasing labor and environment cost which are commonly seen not only in China but also in the whole world market. In addition, with the government's comprehensive and deep reform policy as the new guidance, the Chinese mechanical industry is growing slowly and smoothly followed by both market crisis and trade risks.

The Opportunities always come with the challenges. After almost three years' descending trend, the domestic mechanical industry starts to wake up and grow at certain speed. In order to achieve long term development, the mechanical enterprises need to be aware of the upcoming risks and try to focus on the upgrading and innovation of the mechanical equipment industrial structure.

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