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Mine Enterprises Need to Consider Many Factors to Confirm Production Capacity

The production capacity of a mine enterprise is regarded as the main technical-economic index for the ore deposit exploitation. The production capacity decides the mining enterprise's capital construction quantity, the main production equipment types, the building scales and types and the scale and employee numbers of the auxiliary shops which have much effect on the basic construction investment and benefits, corporate product costs and the production and management benefits.


There are five factors that need people's consideration in order to confirm the production capacity. To pay more attention to these factors will help most mining companies to adjust their production and management system.

1. Market requirement: the national economy, the social need, the market area, capacity and sale conditions of the product as well as the domestic and foreign market status are all in consideration.

2. Geological conditions of the ore deposit and the production technique determine the exploitation method and the productivity of the ore blocks.

3. Prospecting degree of the ore deposit and the resource reserves: in order to confirm a company's production capacity, we need to base ourselves on the reliable prospecting materials and enough quantity of resource reserves.

4. Technology and equipped level: different technologies will lead to different production scales. Moreover, we must think about the other factors like the company's quality and scale, mining technology and the equipment adaptability.

5. The external construction conditions: this factor involves the material supply, electricity and water supply, communication and transportation as well as the environment bearing capacity.

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