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Why Is Henan Known as “Home to Mining Machinery” in China?

Henan province as the center of China has always been considered as the core district to develop many important industries such as agriculture. The mining machinery industry keeps developing in the capital of Henan, Zhengzhou. Henan's mining machines such as crushers, ore beneficiation equipment, construction materials and cement equipment are the best sellers in the market at home and abroad. Many excellent mining machinery companies like our company are devoted to the development and improvement of the heavy machines.

Henan used to be considered as "home to mining machinery" in China. There is a long history for us to tell about the Henan's mining machinery industry. How does the good reputation form and what reasons lead to the prosperity of Henan's mining machinery?

Good products come from good materials. Briefly speaking, mining machines made by our company are used to crush and process coal, ores and stones. Jiaozuo and Pingdingshan are the two key sites to produce coal and they play the same role as Shanxi's coal mining industry. Xinxiang is famous for its different kinds of stones and the extra stones can be crushed by our crushers for later use. Recently, it's reported that much gold has been discovered in Luoyang and there will be enough gold minerals for us to exploit and process by using our mining machines.

The abundant mineral resources lead to the development of Henan's mining machinery industry. In Zhengzhou, there are countless mining machinery manufacturers gathering to produce different types of mining machines for sale at home and abroad. Our company among so many competitors is well known for its honor credibility and strength. Years' of research and development has made us the leader in the mining machinery field and we will continue to make contribution to the "Home to Mining Machinery".

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