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Technology Breakthrough Becomes the Key to Chinese Crushing Dream

In recent years, crushing machines are developing very fast but as for the technology, the domestic enterprises keep imitating the foreign countries without independent innovation. Only by making breakthrough in the technology can Chinese enterprises stand firm on the world crushing stage. As we all know, the technological innovation has been the main support to speed up the transformation of the economy developing mode and also the most useful measure to realize the updating of the crushing industry.

Following the market economy, the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry will not only help improve the crushing industry but also inspire the progress of the national environment protection. When we are talking about the transformation, we mean to change the industrial development mode by quickening the innovation driven transformation speed. We are trying to transform the traditional developing mode to the environment protective manufacturing mode, the intelligent manufacturing mode and the service oriented manufacturing mode in order to change the traditional industrialization road to the new industrialization road.

When we are talking about the upgrading, we mean to completely optimize the business structure, technology structure, product structure, organization structure and layout structure in order to promote the optimization and upgrading of the industrial structure. In order to realize the "made by China" goal of the crushing industry, mining manufacturers should quicken the adjustment and the transformation of the industrial structure. We aim to produce the best quality crushers with the least investment and consumption.

China is famous for its abundant natural resources so there is a huge customer group in the crusher market. With powerful manpower and technical advantage, Chinese crushing equipment is surely to catch up with or to surpass the world class products and technologies. Therefore, for Chinese enterprises, the core purpose is to insist the product innovation and stabilize the brand construction and in the near future Chinese crusher quality will reach the top level in the world.

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